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Working with global brands to think differently about mobile user acquisition

We’re as involved as you need us to be — but wherever you need us, we’ll give 100% to grow your app 150%


When should you contact Z2A Digital?

You're tired of standard mobile advertising solutions that often rely on off-the-shelf or white-label options. You need a solution that fits your unique needs and goals, and you're not willing to compromise on transparency or the ability to accurately track your ROI.


Why contact Z2A Digital?

Z2A Digital offers a one-stop shop for app marketers. Specialising in performance based campaigns, we find out what KPIs matter most to you and give you more of them. Whether that's installs, registrations, purchases or revenue: We do more.


What makes Z2A Digital unique?

When we see a problem, we build a tech solution for it in-house. We don't rely on off-the-shelf or white-label options that may not fit your needs.

Our team of experts oversee all our operations, continuously optimizing performance and working with you to decide on growth goals.

We think differently about channel mixes and tactics, finding the places where your best users hang out — no matter how obscure — and getting them into your app.

We offer comprehensive reporting and open billing based on how we meet the KPIs that you value. You'll value our transparency, honest feedback and proactive updates.

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