Best ASO Hacks for 2024: 7 Proven Strategies for App Store Success

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In today's saturated app marketplace, standing out is not just an advantage but a necessity. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the secret sauce to getting your app noticed and downloaded. Here, we delve into seven proven ASO hacks for 2024 that will put you ahead of your competitors.

1. Optimize Your App Title and Subtitle

App Store

  • Keywords in Title and Subtitle: The title and subtitle are critical areas to insert your target keywords. They carry more weight than other textual assets.
  • Character Limit: Remember, you can't change these fields easily after submission. Make sure you're satisfied before you hit 'Submit'.
  • Combining Keywords: You can create new search phrases by combining keywords from the title, subtitle, and keyword field.

Google Play

  • Frequency of Keywords: Unlike the App Store, Google Play rewards the repetition of keywords. Just avoid spamming.
  • Update Anytime: You can change the App Name, Short Description, and Full Description whenever you wish.

2. Harness the Power of Reviews

App Store

  • Apple doesn't index keywords in reviews, but the total number of downloads and reviews impact your app’s ranking.

Google Play

  • Reviews containing keywords are indexed, so encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews using specific terms related to your app.

3. Mastering Apple Search Ads

Learn how to maximize your Search Ads strategy to improve ASO. Apple monitors 42 factors that impact keyword ranking, and Apple Search Ads is a significant one.

4. Perform Competitive Analysis

  • Keyword Ranking: Analyze your competitors' keyword ranking and see where you stand.
  • Metadata Analysis: Use tools like ASOdesk for an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ metadata.

5. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

  • Traffic Score: Use ASOdesk's Traffic Score to find keywords with higher search traffic.
  • Relevancy: Always ensure the keywords are relevant to your app.

6. Cross Localization Strategy

  • Use English U.K. as an additional language to rank in countries like Spain and Germany.
  • You can double the number of keywords available by using this technique.

7. Utilize Black Hat ASO Techniques Wisely

While not recommended, understanding Black Hat ASO techniques can help you identify what not to do, to stay within the guidelines of app stores.


ASO is a dynamic field. Staying updated with the latest hacks and continuously optimizing your app can make all the difference. By employing these seven ASO hacks for 2024, you're well on your way to securing a top spot in the app store rankings.Need Professional Help?If you're looking to optimize your ASO strategy fully, today is your lucky day. Contact us and let's get your organic strategy 100% optimized. Working with partners like Apptimizer, Z2A Digital provides full service mobile UA support and strategy.

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