SKAN & Privacy Sandbox: Your comprehensive guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, two major initiatives have emerged as focal points: Apple's SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and Google Chrome's Privacy Sandbox. Both aim to redefine how consumer data is gathered and how targeted advertising functions, all under the banner of preserving user privacy. Yet, the approaches of Apple and Google differ in crucial ways, reflecting their distinct philosophies and potential impacts on the ad tech industry. In this guide, we break down how they differ, what that means for marketers and how to succeed in the post-privacy era.

An Overview of Apple's SKAdNetwork

Introduction to SKAdNetwork

Apple's SKAdNetwork is a privacy-first advertising solution that was introduced to ensure that user data remains anonymous while still providing valuable insights for advertisers. This framework allows advertisers to measure the success of their campaigns without accessing user-level or device-level data.For a deep dive into privacy-first advertising solutions, read our article on Apple's privacy-first advertising solution for iOS.

How SKAdNetwork Works

SKAdNetwork facilitates conversion data sharing between advertisers and ad networks. It attributes app installs via a last-click model. Here are the key aspects of how SKAdNetwork functions:

  • The IDFA won't be passed to AdTech platforms or MMPs, even if a user has opted in.
  • All attribution data passes through SKAdNetwork and then onto the AdTech platform or MMP.
  • Campaign IDs are limited to 100 per AdTech platform (e.g., ad network or MMP).

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Impact of iOS Changes on SKAdNetwork

Apple's iOS 14 brought significant changes to the IDFA, requiring user consent for data access. This shift has implications for SKAdNetwork, as it aligns with Apple's broader privacy initiatives.

  • If the user allows the app developer to access their IDFA, the IDFA will be passed as usual.
  • If the user doesn’t allow this access, the IDFA will be zeroed out.

Further privacy changes came with iOS 15, enhancing user insights and control over data sharing. To understand the changing landscape, see our timeline of Apple’s Privacy Changes in Safari and iOS.

The Future of SKAdNetwork

As Apple continues to tighten privacy rules, SKAdNetwork is likely to become even more integral to mobile advertising on iOS devices.Stay updated with the top trends in digital marketing for 2023 to keep your strategies aligned with industry shifts.SKAdNetwork represents Apple's commitment to user privacy while accommodating the needs of advertisers. As privacy regulations become more stringent, mastering SKAdNetwork will be crucial for effective mobile advertising.To fully grasp the AdTech landscape, consider reading our article on breaking down common AdTech jargon and acronyms.

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