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Using AI to Craft Mobile Ad Creatives: A Comprehensive Guide

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In recent times, we've seen an exponential growth in the application of AI tools, like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard, that have transformed various domains, from gaming to textual content creation. But the capabilities of these AI tools aren't just limited to these areas. Their influence in the realm of creative advertising, especially for mobile platforms, is noteworthy.

The Expanding AI Horizons in Design and Advertising

The innovations in AI tools aren't limited to text-based tasks; their influence is also felt strongly in the fields of design and advertising. Such tools can now develop mobile ad creatives that stand out in terms of innovation and engagement. While the first drafts generated might require further refinement, they provide a fantastic starting point, eliminating the foundational challenges for your creative team.

The Magic of ChatGPT in Ad Copy Creation

ChatGPT has emerged as an invaluable tool for brainstorming, effectively acting as your virtual copywriting assistant. Engaging with ChatGPT feels akin to discussing ad copy ideas with a skilled colleague. While expecting 100% accuracy from this AI would be unrealistic, it invariably churns out catchy phrases, eliminating the need for long, often unproductive meetings.However, it's worth noting that while the first draft might not always be perfect, encouraging ChatGPT to provide multiple suggestions typically yields a plethora of ideas, ideal for A/B testing. The quality of suggestions from iterations like GPT-3 and GPT-4 can easily rival hours of human brainstorming in just a few minutes.

Understanding AI Commands for Maximum Output

Every AI tool brings with it unique characteristics, each having its own set of parameters, especially when delving into creative tasks. The secret to harnessing their full potential lies in experimentation. By tweaking different configurations, models, and commands, you'll eventually identify a combination that hits the sweet spot for your needs. For instance, If you use Midjourney, some particularly noteworthy commands include:

  • –chaos <0-100>: The greater the chaos, the more random elements MidJourney introduces. This feature is beneficial when you want a diverse range of outputs.
  • –no <terms>: By using this, MidJourney will attempt to exclude specific terms from its outputs. This is handy for filtering out undesired elements.
  • –v <number> or –niji: With these commands, you can specify which version of MidJourney's engine to use or opt for their anime-styled model, niji.

Discovering New Ad Styles with AI

Starting with an AI generator for creating ad styles can initially feel daunting, but resources like Andrei Kovalev's Midlibrary prompt deatabse for Midjourney can be instrumental. It provides a range of styles that can guide your creative process, even if you aren't using Midjourney.

Perfecting the Brief for Your Design Team

AI generators can create visual drafts, effectively bridging the communication gap between the idea and its visual representation. While these drafts might not be the finalized ad, they showcase the elements you want, ensuring your design team understands your vision.

Streamlining Asset Creation for Mobile Ads

Creating assets, especially icons and graphics, for mobile ads is a task that demands time and effort. AI tools simplify this, producing designs that align with your campaign's theme, giving them a unique flair that differentiates them from generic assets.

Revolutionizing the Ad Design Workflow

The traditional timeline of creating ads has seen a drastic shift with AI tools. Tasks such as generating textures, in-ad graphics, icons, and even core ad concepts can now be achieved in days instead of months. This rapid prototyping phase sets the groundwork for more refined designs in subsequent stages.

Iterative Testing: Perfecting Your Ad Campaign

One significant advantage of using AI is the speed at which you can generate multiple versions of an ad. This ability facilitates A/B testing, allowing advertisers to quickly discern which versions resonate best with the audience. Modern tools also provide features for real-time A/B testing, ensuring the optimization of your campaigns.In conclusion, while there will always be a need for the human touch in mobile ad creatives, AI tools like ChatGPT are reshaping the landscape, offering faster, innovative, and engaging drafts. By embracing these tools, advertisers are poised to produce mobile ads that truly resonate with their audience.

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