Z2A Digital Fantasy Sports App Report 2023


The digital world has witnessed an exponential growth in the popularity of fantasy sports apps. As part of the dynamic shift in live entertainment, they've carved a niche that brings together technology and the timeless love for sports. But what truly sets apart the best from the rest? This in-depth exploration into the numbers behind the apps offers revelations into their success.

Detailed Insights from Q1 2023 Data Analysis

Our research, spanning 24 prominent fantasy sports apps on both iOS and Android platforms in the first quarter of 2023, has yielded intriguing results.

Cohort Analysis: Tracking the First Paid Entry Rate

Day 0 - Day 30 Highlights

  • Initial Surge: A significant uptick was observed in first paid entries in the immediate days following user acquisition. This indicates that freshly onboarded users are more inclined to make a paid entry soon after registration.
  • Plateauing Effect: Post the initial spike, a notable plateau is evident in the rate of new first paid entries. The bulk of these transactions are concentrated within the initial seven days, with a decline in subsequent days.

Key Takeaways from Cohort Analysis

  1. The importance of efficient onboarding processes for fostering early engagement.
  2. Encouraging participation in the initial week can significantly improve conversion rates.
  3. Deep insights into user patterns can aid in crafting more personalized communication and offers.

Retention Rate: A Look at Long-Term User Engagement

Day 0 - Day 30 Overview

  • Initial Engagement Decline: A steep decline in user engagement is apparent on Day 1 post-acquisition.
  • Stabilizing Engagement: However, between Days 8 to 17, the retention rates show a steadying trend, pointing towards a dedicated segment of users who remain consistently engaged.

Key Observations on Retention

  1. Customized onboarding and continuous engagement can effectively counter the Day 1 decline.
  2. Building and nurturing loyalty within the primary user community can offset potential late-stage drop-offs.

Sessions per User per Day: Strategies to Sustain User Engagement

  • Early Engagement Woes: There's a fluctuation in user interactions in the initial days, highlighting potential areas of enhancement to boost early engagement.
  • Consistent Long-Term Engagement: Post Day 5, the frequency of user sessions becomes more stable, signaling a loyal core user base. Curated content and exclusive rewards can augment engagement levels for this segment.

Crucial Points on User Sessions

  1. Refining the onboarding experience can elevate initial user interactions.
  2. Tailored strategies are pivotal in ensuring the primary user group consistently engages with the app.


As the fantasy sports app landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve requires a keen understanding of user behavior and trends. With a data-driven approach, developers and marketers can unlock the blueprint for success. As we delve deeper into the myriad metrics and insights, one thing becomes abundantly clear: to thrive in this competitive space, apps must continually adapt, innovate, and cater to the ever-changing needs and preferences of their users.By embracing the insights presented in this comprehensive analysis and integrating them into their strategies, app developers and marketers can not only retain but also exponentially grow their user base, ensuring sustained success in the realm of fantasy sports.

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