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December 4, 2023


JackPocket decided to work with Z2A Digital to get more consistent user growth, between high jackpots.


Jackpocket, Inc., based in New York City, specializes in an app that facilitates lottery ticket purchases across 14 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Established in 2013 by Peter Sullivan, Jackpocket's primary aim was to introduce an app for lottery ticket orders. The company stands out as the pioneer registered lottery courier service in New York and New Jersey. Currently, Jackpocket boasts a valuation of $620 million.

The Challenge 

Jackpocket's marketing effectiveness was strongly tied to the size of the available jackpots. Their goal was to ensure consistent conversions irrespective of jackpot sizes. Additionally, they had to adhere to stringent legislative rules, making accurate state targeting imperative. With all this in mind, they had one primary objective: attract high-quality traffic.

Our Approach

At Z2A Digital, we prioritize delivering top-tier traffic with minimal fraud, using our proprietary tracking technology to minimize fraud at source. We also have deep expertise in precise state targeting. Using alternative traffic sources, we built out a marketing plan that very quickly started to perform well for Jackpocket. Our extensive experience arms us with insights into campaign nuances, enabling us to make timely optimizations. Furthermore, we adjust strategies based on jackpot sizes, ensuring consistent performance.




The Results

After optimizing JackPocket’s campaigns, the install to registration rate improved to over 70%. What’s more, we were able to optimize performance so that there was minimal fluctuations over time, leading to more consistent and predictable results. JackPocket still do best when there is a big jackpot, that is the nature of lottery games, but through careful campaign management, they now have an increased floor on their ad performance and ROAS.

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JackPocket decided to work with Z2A Digital to get more consistent user growth, between high jackpots.


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